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Giving love in every bite!

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Calling all sweet and savoury tooths... Get love, happiness and sensory wonder on a plate.

Bonjour! I'm Roderick, growing up in Belgium it became a monthly family tradition to drive to the beautiful city of Antwerp for the best treat we as kids could think of, a weekend full of all you could eat Brussels Waffles! You could find them on every corner, and the smell alone of them coming out of the pan was heavenly! 

When we moved to South Africa 10 years ago it was definitely something we all started to miss. Those delicious crispy yet fluffy and milky on the inside waffles we grew up knowing and loving.

When I finished studying and had to answer the dreaded question of what I wanted to do with my life I decided to open Yummyness, to bring the delicious Brussels Waffles I grew up on to my new home of South Africa. With several years of experience we hope to bring you love in every bite!


We supply catering - private and corporate. The menu is flexible. We really know our way around the kitchen - whatever Waffle and Crêpe whims you have, we can provide! Alternatively, just pop in at one of our stores or mail us to see what's on offer. Follow us on Instagram for the latest news.

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This Is How We Do It


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There are 27 different waffles in Belgium. The ones we make here are the traditional Brussels Waffle. We at Yummyness use a 3 generation old recipe using only the freshest ingredients such as Free Range eggs, real full fat butter and fresh milk. The key to these waffles is to create a crispy outside and a soft milky inside. Dig into a selection of sweet or savory crêpes oozing with tasty fillings. Everything we do here is simply...yummy.


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